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Ahoy Shipmates !
We are an English Company specialising in supplying Nautical gifts and high quality Nautical Reproductions of original nautical instruments,such as, Sextants, Ships Compasses, Telescopes, Ships Wheels, Ships Lanterns, Lamps, Ships Telegraphs, Levels. Our products are hand crafted in Brass,Copper and Wood and make excellent nautical gifts for people, especially those who, sail out on, or just love the sea. See also our selection of new Nautical books

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Nautical gifts and Executive presents such as  sextants, ships telescopes and all  featured in our nautical gift shop nautical gifts such as  ships compasses, port and starboard lights, nautical books are available here Nautical antiques, Nautical gifts, nautical books,  Ships wheels and chart dividers are available here

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Nautical gifts such as Ships telegraphs and other nautical gifts including our amazing range of brass compasses Ships Copper and brass  lanterns, hurricane and cargo lamps and lights are available heret
Please browse through our Nautical Gift shop,where you will find lots of high quality nautical gifts and executive presents.We pride ourselves on the quality of our Nautical products .

Clipperlight.Uk.Com is a company owned by people who have a deep love and respect for historic maritime tradition. We love sailing ships, visiting harbours and everything connected with the sea. This is why we do what we do. We get great pleasure out of supplying our high quality nautical gifts and nautical antiques to people of the same disposition. We supply excellent reproductions of original nautical seafaring items such as sextants, compasses, telescopes, wheels, bells, clocks and lanterns and more. Our ships wheels are beautifully made from fine wood with brass hubs and are a remarkably accurate reproduction. We stock a fine selection of solid brass and copper ships lights as well as anchor, hurricane, cargo, port and starboard navigation lights. We have an amazing collection of nautical antiques and reproductions from which to choose from and will be extending our range in the near future so watch this space. We are always interested in what you, our customers, think of our products, our site and our prices. Please let us know any comments or suggestions you may have. .

These are the conditions on which we sell all our nautical gifts, nautical books, antiques and nautical reproductions

Clipperlight.Uk.Com value our customers and want to know what they think of our web site and the goods we offer for sale on it, are we offering everything that our customers want? or is there a way we can improve our site to make it easier for our customers to find what they want? Please E.Mail us with any suggestions for improvement or how we can serve you better now or in the future.


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